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Best Consignment Shop Software

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$99 USD
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Best Consignment Shop Software
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Best Consignment Shop Software Description:

Best Consignment Shop Software application screenshot

Affordable accounting software for consignment shops, thrift and resale stores large and small starting at just $99.

Operating System Support: Win/XP/2000/Vista
Tags: consignment,software,cosignment,consigment,consinment,comsignment,resale,po


Best Consignment Shop Software reviewReview for Best Consignment Shop Software

Best Consignment Shop Software rating 4.71 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. With 4 user reviews.

55555 Best Consignment Shop Software

Interesting. The comments here are 4 and 6 years old and I don't go that far back but my experiences with BCSS have been great. I asked about these complaints and was told that some people opt for free support via email and refuse phone support at purchase then get disappointed when they unfairly demand phone support afterward. I've had nothing but good experiences and great support. There isn't just one person and if it takes days to figure out something this simple, then the problem probably isn't with the software.

55555 BCSS Hands Down

We have been using BCSS for a long time. Service has been nothing less than excellent and the value is way beyond any other consignment software offered. The original price is very reasonable and there are no ongoing service fees. There have been no 'surprises' after purchase, like fees that weren't disclosed, etc. IMHO there's no close second to bCSS.

22222 best consignment shop software

should be called best consignment shop software beware.....i agree with ed...or software has now been down for 3 sucks....cant talk to anyone...system crashes all the time...if you were thinking about this software...i would recommend going elsewhere....

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