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BIT SvnBackup

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BIT SvnBackup Description:

BIT SvnBackup application screenshot

BIT SvnBackup: is a simple graphical utility for create backups of subversion servers (SVN). And easily store them in a remote computer without having to spend hundreds of dollars in a dedicated storage server or specialized subversion hosting solution.

BIT SvnBackup allows you to use 2 types of backup:

Hot Copy: a simple file backup that copies the entire repository directory. It is fast, but it keeps information about the underlying file system etc. The server where the copy is imported needs to be the same version, OS and have the same file system permissions configuration. This type of backup is recommended if you are planning to backup and restore the files in the same box.

Dump Copy: a SVN native backup method that is version independent so you can port your backup to another type of SVN server even if your whole server configuration is different than the original server. This type of backup is recommended if you are planning to backup and restore in heterogeneous servers.

BIT SvnBackup allows you to save your back up to 2 different targets:

FTP: with a simple click your backups are uploading to an ftp server. BIT SvnBackup generates a special filename format to avoid filename conflicts.

Email: the simplest way to store your backup out of the office is send them to your email address. BIT SvnBackup will mail your backups to your preferred email address with all the information you need to identify your data.

Backup security: with BIT SvnBackup you can secure your backup files by setting an encryption password. Your data is bank level AES encrypted before it leaves your computer, then transmitted and stored.

System Requirements: Windows XP or greater, based subversion server, 512 mb of ram
Operating System Support: WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64
Tags: svn, backup, version control, email, ftp, net, zip, encrypted


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