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Anti Spam Pro

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$24.95 USD
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1.75 MB
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Anti Spam Pro Description:

Anti Spam Pro application screenshot

Block all junk mails!
Anti-Spam Pro is easy-to-use yet powerful software for removing junk emails. It stops the junk or virus emails at the server side. That means those bad emails won't reach your office or home PC. They won't take your precious hard disk space. You won't waste your time or bandwidth t o receive them. Most importantly, those emails with viruses are killed at the server side and never reach your computer. Anti-Spam Pro provides a rich set of useful filters and allows you to define your own filters to block junk mails automatically at set intervals. It supports wildcards in filters and multi-byte characters preview. Anti-Spam Pro is a must for every email user!

Key Features:
Checks multiple accounts synchronously. It's one of the fastest of the same kind products in the world. It greatly saves your time when processing your emails.

Provide a rich set of filters. Such as sender filter, subject filter, message text filter, header filter, date filter, size filter, attachment filter, and country code filter. You can update the filter library online, and add your own filters or friend email addresses.

Support wildcard in filter. It is the unique feature of this software. For example, "*" can match zero or several characters, "?" can match one single character. Also includes many other wildcards such as "^", "#", "+", "{m-n}". In this way, we can set up finer granularity and safer filters so that even those elaborately disguised spams can never escape.

Support multi-byte characters perfectly. This program perfectly supports multi-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) mails processing and preview.

Kill email virus quickly. Kill "Sobig", "WantJob", "Nimda", "Bigboss" without receiving all email information. For a confirmed email virus, you can set the filter to kill them even they ...

Operating System Support: Win 95/98/XP/2000


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