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AccessToVB ToolBox

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$30 USD
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AccessToVB ToolBox Description:

AccessToVB ToolBox application screenshot

This VB Add-in will allow you to convert Access 97 and Access 2000 databases (forms, form modules, and modules) to VB equivalents. It does not do anything with Access reports. In addition, if you are using non-standard controls in your Access project, most of them will not convert, primarily due to substitution and licensing issues.

For those of you who are manually writing help files, the second tab of the add-in scans your VB project for all controls and forms, and allows you to set the Help Context ID and tooltip text for each control individually, or in groups (for using the same ID for a group of controls).

Finally, the third tab I use the most. It scans the VB project, loading every control and form and a variety of different properties for each. All of the properties are displayed on a grid and all (except name and type) are editable on the grid. The grid can be filtered and sorted. Sort by clicking on the column header of choice. First click sorts ascending, second sorts descending. The grid will allow you to autosequence Help Context IDs and Whats This Help IDs, starting with a seed number displayed on the form. As an example, if 1000 is the seed value (default), the first form will have an ID of 1000, and its controls will be numbered 1001-1999. The next form will start with 2000, and so on. All of the information displayed on the grid is saved to a database in the same directory as the add-in. This database can be used as source material for a help file.

Operating System Support: Win95/98/ME/2000/XP


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