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AZ Paint and Animated GIF Editor

Price/Registration Fee:
$30 USD
File size:
3.95 MB
Herman Compute
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AZ Paint and Animated GIF Editor Description:

AZ Paint and Animated GIF Editor application screenshot

AZ Paint & Animated GIF Editor is a compact Paint program and Animated GIF Editor. Besides tools and filters for both basic and advanced graphic works, AZ Paint implements special capabilities which are usually lacking in ordinary paint programs. Integrated into AZ Paint is a full version of animated GIF editor, geared for use by professionals and hobbyists alike. One may create an animated GIF file from scratch or by assembling pre-drawn frames. The functions range from extraction to rearrangement, from palette editing to BPP changing, from image enhancing to series resizing; and from modifying settings to minimizing the file size, etc. The program allows free conversion between different file formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, ICO, CUR, WMF and EMF; it also provides import from ANI, AVI and MNG. The program is highly compact, partly because it does not use any third-party ActiveX and partly because cosmetics are reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the program does not engage complicated procedural requirements. There is an in-built flexibility in the program to cater to a variety of needs, e.g. a user can opt for Single or Multi-Document Interface; can preserve EXIF data on saving JPG files, and browse to load or slide show, etc. In addition, free supplement covers special aspects unique to MNG/PNG, e.g. it enables you to view and extract frames of MNG and it provides full alpha channel editing capabilities to create/edit/view alpha values directly on a magnified and grided screen.

Operating System Support: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista


AZ Paint and Animated GIF Editor reviewReview for AZ Paint and Animated GIF Editor

AZ Paint and Animated GIF Editor rating 4.33 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. With 1 user reviews.

11111 Couldn't accomplish a simple task

Animated Gifs often need to have a transparent
color set.

That's all my simple test consisted of.

What would it take to pick a color and make
it the transparent color.

It wasn't straightforward. I wasn't able to
figure it out and there was NO assistance in
the help file.

Something like:

To set a color's transparency take the following


a button appropriately titled "Set Transparency".

I've also looked at "Easy Gif Animator" and
while it doesn't do everything I'd like, setting
a color's transparency is a simple painless

For the record, it's not exactly straightforward
or easty in JASC Animation Shop or Ulead's
GIF Animator either.

It's a COMMON task for GIF Animation.

So, I give it a "1".

Should this program change, maybe I'll revisit it
and change my opinion.

But, as of the current version. Sorry, I'm not
paying $ 30 bucks.

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