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AKGBackup Description:

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AKGBackup is a free, multi-platform compatible backup program that is written entirely in Java. It is an utility for backing up your files, with an option to compress data, on a different hard disk drive, floppies, different partition of the same disk drive or any media an operating system can write to. After the first run, subsequent runs are blazingly fast as only the changed or new files are backed up. It can also create a specified number of backups so that one can have older as well as newer backups. Rated "Top 5%" by Featured in the famous newletter of Fred Langa.

Operating System Support: All


AKGBackup reviewReview for AKGBackup

AKGBackup rating 4.3 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. With 4 user reviews.

22222 Crashed my system...

I installed it, tried to run it (quite heavy conditions with 30.000 file, but still...) and I got a very serious crash: the blue-screen type, lots of lines written in blank, and complete physical memory dump... Under JRE 1.5.
Install SyncBack instead of this one, SyncBack is much much better, lighter, with more options and a friendly GUI, and free as well...

55555 Amazing Speed

I am amazed at the speed at which this program performs day to day backup. And just look at its size! It must be one of the smallest and most powerful backup program on the net. Along with all these features add the fact that it is FREE!!! and it becomes unbeatable. I love this program.

55555 AKGBackup

The program is very efficient, powerful and fast. I especially like the clean and simple interface which is so intuitive. The idea of compressing individual files into separate archives is great as it makes the program perform very fast even while compressing. I was intially missing the scheduling feature, but later found out that it was there but hidden (for a good reason!).
I doubt there is any other program which restores files as fast as this program.
There is only one shortcoming. You have to have Java runtime environment on your system in order to run this program.

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